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Dear Aecom,


I am writing to apply for the advertised role of Consultant Marine Ecologist.

I am applying for this position as I would love to be involved with part of a team that is pushing projects forward to reduce the impacts globalisation is having on the environment. I have recently been working with the Marine Life Information Network (MarLIN), to produce evidence review assessments on the impacts of climate change on numerous biotopes and taxa. Therefore, I believe that I have skills that will be very transferable for this role. 

From my academic experiences, I have developed my knowledge of threats and impacts on ecosystems, in addition to conservation methods and policy. I have studied a variety of topics; therefore, I have a great level of knowledge of conservation issues, and I have an appreciation for the natural world. 

I have had the opportunity to undertake fieldwork on numerous occasions and would be more than happy to complete fieldwork projects. From my work placements, I have developed excellent identification, mapping, surveying, and sampling skills. I have experienced working with flora and fauna in a variety of conditions. I have learnt to be very organised in planning my work and have developed the ability to adapt my work when circumstances change. I have great attention to detail, and I am very efficient at collecting data in the field. Additionally, I am very aware of the health and safety risks of working near water and out in the field. 

From my past experiences I have had the opportunity to work with many different teams of people, which has allowed me to develop my ability to communicate clearly with others and to gain excellent teamwork skills. I have a strong work ethic and throughout my employment I have demonstrated excellent time management, meeting deadlines while maintaining a high standard of work. I am a quick learner and have an eagerness to develop my skill set. 

I have a full driving licence.

Thank you very much for your the time to consider my application. 

Yours sincerely, 

Emma Williams 

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